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Border Links develops new and exciting opportunities to support social and economic inclusion for people with learning disabilities - enabling them to play a part, gain in confidence and get the most out of life in their own community.

BORDER LINKS Allotment Project

Our Allotment project has got off to a great start with some wonderful donations from the community and local businesses including a shed for our tools supplied by JT Dove. We have a group of professional volunteers who are going to dig, lay gravel , paving stones and prepare bases for our shed and greenhouse . There are not enough words to match the gratitude we feel. Thank you so much all of you who are supporting and volunteering and if you have anything that you want to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01289 305423.

- Michael Whitehead, was one of our first members.

It was in June 2006 that Michael first started at Border Links in Cornhill. He came up with some good ideas for the veggie baskets and enjoyed painting with Billy as well as a trip to York on the train. Michael often entertained the members with his musical ability and played many instruments including the accordion and the organ.

Michael sadly passed away in 2012 but we remember him every year through the Michael Whitehead Achievement award given to a member of Border Links. His sister chooses someone each year who has achieved something in their life that is of major significance to them.

Michael Whitehead

Border Links deliver customers Fruit and Vegetable orders from five of their six locations.

Amble - order on a Monday and deliver on Fridays

Berwick - order on Monday and deliver on Thursdays

Cornhill - order on a Monday and deliver on Fridays

Duns - order on a Monday and deliver on Thursdays

Kelso - order on a Monday and deliver on Thursdays

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Winter 2020