Border Links delivers a range of high quality, structured activities and opportunities to support community integration and personal progression for our members. While the Veggie Basket Enterprise provides "real" Work and training opportunities, our Personal Interests Programme enables people to broaden their horizons - "Meet new people, visit new places and try new things". Topic areas for our schedule of activities are driven by our members interests and aspirations, and currently include Personal Health and Safety courses, Lunch Club activities, Arts and Crafts sessions and much more! All Border Links activities build upon strengths and support progress towards attainment of personal potential.

Moving On

Moving On is a day programme which is enabling young adults to move safely and with confidence towards a more independent daily life. The areas covered include Personal Health and safety, Community Services, Money Matters, Relationships, Living in a place of your own.

Personal Interest Groups

The Vegetable Basket Enterprise

The Vegetable Basket Service is for people who like being busy, want to help their own community and want to gain in confidence and skills.

The Vegetable Basket enterprise delivers vegetables to customers across Northumberland and the Scottish borders. When you join us you get a chance to work as part of a team, provide a valuable service for the community and develop skills for work and life. The enterprise also provides day opportunities to take a role in the Border Links Office or with our Marketing group.

Personal Interest Groups give members a chance to develop their hobbies and interests and also have a go at something new. Activities include arts and crafts, lunch club, community projects, health and fitness, words and numbers; plus other activities suggested by our group members.

Drop In Service

Border Links has recently developed a new enterprise that is enabling a Border Links group to develop and run a drop in club for other local people. The enterprise involves them in planning and research; catering and hosting events; meeting and socialising plus a range of other useful roles and responsibilities.