Our Delivery model

Border Links delivers its Day Service within a small group context and from venues based in the heart of the community. Each group will accommodate a maximum number of 8 Members. The Group is led by a Session Leader who is responsible for enabling Members to participate in all aspects of the Border Links Enterprise and its activities. All Session Leaders have the qualifications and skills to develop and deliver a motivating and structured programme of activities to meet the requirements of our participants. With assistance from a Support Worker, the staff team will ensure the health, safety and well-being of Members and any others involved in Border Links activities. Evaluation of our service shows that Border Links Members enjoy and value their involvement and that our delivery model effects positive outcomes in relation to improved social interaction, personal skills, motivation and confidence.

This model is underpinned by our commitment to work towards the very highest quality of service.

As a member of a small group our Members gain: chances to get to know other group members; time to talk, "speak up" and express views and opinions; and opportunities to receive adequate individualised support when it's needed - to engage in discussion, follow interests and try new things.

Amble members discussing shared interest projects

As a member of a local group our Members gain: opportunities to meet and work with other local people; to develop a local network of contacts and support; to find out "what's happening" in their own community and access and become familiar with local resources, services and facilities.

Kelso Group cooking up a storm at Farm to Fork, The Hirsel, Coldstream

As a member of a Person Centred Service our Members gain: opportunities to make their own choices and decisions; a chance to talk about "the things that they like to do "now" and to "think" and "talk" about what they might like to try next; opportunity to access a Service that has time to "listen" and respond to individual interests and aspirations.

Berwick Group deciding what products they are going to order for their fruit and vegetable enterprise delivery service